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Issue No:1

 7th December 2012


  • Why do we ask for your personal details to browse the Archives website?

  • Can I print the downloaded PDFs?

  • I cannot preview the manuscript?

  • I need to do further research?  

Issue No:2

5th March 2013


  • How to make a search for a manuscript in our website. 

  • Guidelines for Reading Old Documents 

  • Guidelines to Handwriting Variations and Transcribing 

  • The Parish Archives 

  • Zooming the Manuscript Flipper


Issue No:3

 2nd July 2013


  • Handwriting 

  • Status Animarum


Issue No:4

 7th November 2013


  • We are one year old!

  • New Additions

  • Researching your family tree


Issue No:5

 1st June 2014


  • The Parishes in Malta

Issue No:6

 7th November 2014


  • Latin numbers, words and phrases used for dates

  • Days of the Week in Latin

  • Dates of the Month in Latin

  • Months of the Year in Latin

  • Latin Numbers written out in full


Issue No:7


 29th June 2015


  • New Online Manuscripts - A.I.M.

  • Inquisitors appointed to Malta



Issue No:8


 1st December 2015


  • New Online Manuscripts - A.I.M.