Glossary of Terms


Acta Civilia Act. Civ.

Registration of the Court cases of the Archdiocese

Archivium Paroeciale A.P.

Parish Archives. These archives include Registers for Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages and Funerals

Benefici Benefici

Application for benefices by clerics

Brevia et Costitutiones

B & C

Correspondence with the Holy See

Cabreo Cabreo

Inventory of properties including plans

Registrum Edictorum

Reg. Edictorum

Register of all circulars and pastoral letters of the Archbishop

Registrum Ordinandum ac   Privilegiorum Clericalium

R Ord Register of Ordained Priests and granted privileges

Registrum Supplicationum


Register of Applications (rikorsi) presented to the Archbishop

Status Animarum ST. A.

State of parishioners in a given parish

Visitationes Pastorales VP

Pastoral Visits