Act. Civ. XXIX 1666-1667

Description Acta Civilia Vol XXIX 1666-1667 ff 133, 190 old enumeration retained Index newly enumerated on ff 1-34 f75 electio abbatissae Monasterii S. Catharinae; f81 Supp pro Cong Agoniae Casal Naxxar; f124 Administration of Saura legacy; f130 Breve Apost. Pro Monasterii S. Scholasticae Civ. Vittoriosa; f138 & 150 Supp pro ven Monasterii S. Catharinae; f155v Electio Abbatissae.
Author N/A
Date From 1September1666
Date To 31August1667
Location Floriana, Archivium Mater Dei
Civil Period Order of St John Era (1530-1798)
Ecclesiastical Period Luca Bueno (12/15/1666 - 10/07/1668)
Type Manuscript