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    The Archives of the Archbishop of Malta, located in Floriana, contain the diocesan records from 1531-1898, along with some miscellaneous items dating from 1450-1928. These documents are housed in Floriana.

From Microfilms to Digital Media


The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library began microfilming the archival collections of the Cathedral of Mdina, Malta, in 1973 under the direction of Mgr John Azzopardi. Filming concluded in 1989 after 8,229 books and manuscripts had been filmed. The microfilming project at the cathedral also included books, music manuscripts, and archival materials from other ecclesiastical institutions and private collections in Malta and Gozo. The contents of the materials filmed date from the eleventh to the twentieth century.

Among the various manuscripts microfilmed in Malta we find the Archives of the Archbishop's Curia in Floriana.

The Archives of the Archbishop of Malta contain the diocesan records from 1531 to 1898, along with some miscellaneous items dating from 1450 to 1928. 

The Archdiocese of Malta has transferred all its microfilms into digital media to make them available over the internet.  This will enable the Archives to be more accessible by researchers and the casual visitor alike. 

The Archives of the Archbishop of Malta hold more than is being published here.  Researchers and visitors are more than welcome to visit and do research at the Archives of the Archbishop at the Archbishop's Curia. 

This is an ongoing project and the Archdiocese of Malta is still digitising Manuscripts found especially in the Mater Dei and Sancte Laurenti Archives.








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